Brandi M.

Hitting my 3rd trimester, I am the standard pregnant woman who is getting kind of uncomfortable and while complaining about my misery over lunch one day, my friend suggested to get some chiropractic and acupuncture adjustments by Dr. Matt Lucas in Cotswold.  “Well, why not?”  I asked!  Called in on Tuesday morning and made my appointment for the following day.  Easy breezy.  Went in and was greeted by two lovely office managers who were very friendly and warm.  Within moments I was whisked to the back to meet Dr. Matt Lucas, who was young, good-looking, and extremely kind.  Wonderful bedside manner!  Being pregnant, we couldn’t do the standard x-rays, however, he discussed-at length-what I was looking to do and when I told him about some of the headaches I was experiencing, he expertly felt around the base of my head and neck and told me he felt major misalignment.  After a quick adjustment, I felt relief like I haven’t felt in years.  I almost cried out of joy!  Honestly, after a few following visits, I feel like Dr. Lucas and his staff are miracle workers…..If you are looking for a great practice and a wonderful chiropractor, CALL THEM ASAP!  I will be a lifelong patient 🙂